Quality for Generations

 Quality for Generations

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Westbow Group of Companies

Founded in Chilliwack, British Columbia, the Westbow Group of Companies aims to build our communities through construction, realty, wealth, agriculture, and charity.

Since 1977, the Westbow Group of Companies continues to grow and expand. In 2018, Westbow saw the addition of two new companies, OwnWest and Westbow Capital.




Westbow Construction

Established in 1977, Westbow Construction is committed to providing the best quality home for you and your family. We are proud to be a trusted home builder in Chilliwack, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and we intend to ensure every one of our customers feels their home is quality made. Home offerings include row homes, town homes, and single family units.

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Westbow Capital

Westbow Capital is a real estate mutual fund trust that is looking to raise capital in order to acquire income-producing real estate investment properties. The fund focuses on acquiring and building a portfolio of low to mid density residential real estate properties and pay out rental income as distributions to investors. With a low minimum buy in, Westbow Capital is a great option for both small and large investors looking for hassle free real estate investing opportunities.

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The OwnWest program is designed to make home ownership possible for everyone. The program allows families to acquire their dream home without a down payment or when a traditional mortgage is not an option.

The Westbow Group currently offers OwnWest row homes and single family homes in both Chilliwack, British Columbia and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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Westbow Gives Back

The Westbow Group of Companies is dedicated to having a positive impact through the ‘Westbow Gives Back’ initiative. This initiative partners the Westbow Group of Companies with Hungry for Life.

Hungry for Life is an organization that was founded in 1997 and holds the vision that the people of Haiti are in control of their futures. They equip the people with the necessary tools, facilities, and skills to make a living.

The Westbow Group of Companies has been working alongside Hungry for Life as they see the potential of the people of Haiti and want to see them succeed.






KGH Equipment

KGH equipment takes pride in providing clients with rentals for all their construction machinery needs. With an unparalleled support team, KGH works with customers to develop unique support solutions for any job site. We offer flexible construction rental programs that are designed to fit the needs of your unique application.




Westbow Agriculture

The Westbow Agriculture group focuses on growing dairy and poultry industries within British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Westbow Agriculture includes several Dairy and Poultry Broiler Breeder Farms including Westerly Acres, White Pine Dairy, Prairie West Dairy, and Riverside Dairy.